André Correia

Software Artisan

About me

I like to stay positive and talk openly with others. I believe in not just doing the work right but also treating people right - by talking clearly, listening, and showing respect. I love to keep people laughing because a good laugh makes any day better!

On the job

I enjoy the balance between creating solid software and keeping the project rolling. A good plan ties these together, and I'm always on the hunt for the best way to get things done. Teams are the real deal. When they succeed, the whole project picks up speed, and I put in the effort to ensure we work well and smoothly, together.

Technical Skills

Apache Kafka, gRPC, Automation, C#, Golang, Docker, Git, MongoDB, MySQL, REST, GraphQL

Soft Skills

Adaptability, Creativity, Effective Communication, Continuous Learning, Mentorship, Problem Solving, Team Productivity